Comprehensive Personal Training

PAC offers the most comprehensive personal training available. Our trainers are experienced and nationally certified to help you tailor the right training regime for your unique fitness goals. We offer four types of personal training: sports performance, boot camps, one-on-one and buddy sessions.  Working with our trainers will ensure you to reach your goals with our Complete Personal Training (CPT) program, which encompasses the five components of fitness.

ptThe 5 Components of Fitness

Proper Food Intake – Having a proper, nutritionally balanced diet is critical to any workout plan. We’ll teach you how to manage your caloric intake with our dotFIT program. You’ll be able to track your calories on a daily basis and also get customized meals plans and recipes.

Cardio Conditioning – Understand your target heart rate and creating a cardio plan with the right frequency and intensity is crucial to maximizing your results and caloric burn.

Supplements & Nutrition – Proper food intake and a balanced diet is important. When combined with the right supplements at the right time, you can keep your body a well-fueled machine.

Resistance Training – Building strong muscles will enable you to burn fat faster. We’ll teach you how to use weight machines, free weight and our new TRX system to maximize your body transformation.

The Trainer – Your personal trainer has all the tools you need to reach your goals. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or just look and feel better, they will help you achieve your goals faster by developing a customized plan just for you.

Types of Personal Training

Sports Performance – Specialized training for young, collegiate and professional athletes. Take your performance to the next level!

Boot Camp – Designed for all fitness levels, focus on interval training in a group fitness environment. Sessions are fun and exciting and no two are alike!

One-on-One – Private session with the trainer of your choice. Workouts are personalized and custom-designed to your goals!

Buddy Sessions – Personal attention for you and a buddy with similar fitness goals.  Save money and get motivation from a friend!

Stop by the club or give us a call for details on how to get started with Personal Training today!

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